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Some Kind of Wonderful :: Original Movie Soundtrack (1987)

I have a weakness for John Hughes films, and their accompanying soundtracks. Two of the soundtracks from those films definitely make it on my favorite albums list, Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful. I still have my well-worn cassette and vinyl album of this movie, well-loved and played so often, each song a favorite, each song a sing-a-long moment. I love the memories that are attached to the songs, as well. Memories of one of my life-long, best friends, memories of friendship turned to love, of being in love with your best friend and memories of first kisses, first heartbreaks, and those moments of first falling in love.

This week’s my favorite album choice is the Some Kind of Wonderful soundtrack, and following are my three-sentence reflections by album track. Enjoy, and share your own thoughts and memories of this soundtrack in the comments.

Do Anything :: Pete Shelley

One late night we tangled and tossed over nothing at all except maybe our mutually held fear that we were feeling too much, too soon. We picked at a fight that was having itself, and consuming us, the both of us testing limits and waiting for the other to walk out the door. It is hard to trust love when there is so much past hurt and fear of losing.

Brilliant Mind :: Furniture

There were moments when words did not make sense anymore, when our brilliant disguises and our brilliant minds could not save us. I wanted something more lasting and real than you did, I wanted to be more than a clandestine, secret affair. I kept answering when you called, I kept giving myself to you, I kept reaching over time zones, I kept loving you, I kept hoping for more.

Cry Like This :: Blue Room

There are broken pieces in me that sometimes make it hard to trust love, or to trust myself in love. There is always that temptation to just turn around and run, to hold back the tears and the raw feelings, and just go. But, sometimes it is worth fighting for, to keep a love in your life, no matter what the love becomes.

I Go Crazy :: Flesh for Lulu

Late nights and early mornings, each of us on the flip side of time, still connected as if we were by each other’s side. My favorite moments were the ones filled with laughter, with fantasy, with intense conversations, with the sharing of each other’s worlds and wants. It is hard not to miss it, to not miss you.

She Loves Me :: Stephen Duffy

First kisses, they do stick in the memory forever, stuck sticky and at the ready to recall when we want to, when we need to. The shaking hands, the fevered heat, the racing pulse, and the feelings of lips on lips, twisting tongues, and clumsy hands reaching for everything. The need to be closer, and then closer still, that feeling lasts in the memory forever.

The Hardest Walk :: The Jesus and Mary Chain

Long lines that wrapped around tall buildings, shivering cold because we had left our coats in the car, nervous energy flickering throughout the crowd, everyone hungry with expectation. The walk down the long, dark hall, and that moment where the light appeared at the end of it. That is right about when you can hear the music soaring, the bass line thumping, and can almost feel the bodies swaying together into some kind of mix-matched one.

The Shyest Time

Growing up and out of being a shy and introverted girl was a constant struggle that was only eased by falling in love with acting. I took to the idea of playing someone that was not me eagerly, and took from it keys and clues to help make my own life more in color, and less against the wall and invisible. But, the shy, introvert of a girl is still in me, she is more of who I really am, though very few people would actually believe it who know me now.

Miss Amanda Jones :: The Rolling Stones

The version on the soundtrack is by the March Violets, which is not available on YouTube, but this is the original which does play during the film itself (both versions do). Both versions, whenever I hear them, always bring me right back to the movie. I loved that Amanda Jones was not a stereotype, just like most John Hughes characters there is complexity and depth going on underneath the surface.

Can’t Help Falling in Love With You :: Lick the Tins

This always, always, always reminds me of my life-long forever friend, Kate, and how much she immediately adored this song. I think we both had a copy, or two, of this album, and saw the movie more times than I can count. She was so much like Watts back when we were teens, she has always been so fearless and awesome.

Turn to the Sky :: The March Violets

I am better with words, especially written, as far as expression is concerned. I am often better in my dreams, and those post-conversation conversations when you can copy edit the best things to say. But, I would much rather hear the truth, unedited and pure and raw, then a scripted, well-rehearsed anything.

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