my so called life

(by me)

We traded mixed tapes between classes,

yours wrapped up in red crinkled paper;

mine with a cut-out picture from a magazine,

filled with songs that collided into adolescent kisses,

clumsy and sugar cane cursed at with penned devotion.

You know I hid my confessions in the contents of a song,

with hopes tied in a bunny-eared bow in hopes you would notice.

Me, sitting up late in my bedroom tracing the way your name fit with mine;
cursive curly looped letters that seemed a perfect refrain,

that I sang along as I tore apart wild run daisies.

Petal by petal.

You love me, you.

You love me not.

You must know how much I love you.

Daisy :: Ben Lee

2 thoughts on “My muse is just a daisy :: song of the day

  1. Very nice. I have fond memories of many mix tapes, mix CDs, even Spotify playlists. Music has a way of expression fragile emotions we want to live up to (but rarely can). Still, it makes for good memories.

    Thanks for the poetry.

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