Coffee and TV :: “Don’t say that you love me” :: Cinematic Music moment on FX’s The Americans

Tusk :: Fleetwood Mac


The Americans :: Wednesday’s on FX

I tuned in to the new show The Americans because of my long-standing love of Keri Russell, my fascination with movies and television that portrays the 80’s in a non-stereotypical way, and also my interest in political intrigue stories. I was drawn in, nearly immediately, by the music, and then hooked completely by the story, the cinematography, the acting, the characters, and did I mention the music? Well, the music is definitely worth repeating. The musical star of the show was definitely Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk, which was used to open and close the show, but honorable mention’s need to be made for Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight, and Juice Newton’s Queen of Hearts, both songs which played a pivotal role in revealing parts of these complex characters.

In the Air Tonight :: Phil Collins

Queen of Hearts :: Juice Newton

I look forward to more episodes, more story, and more music.

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