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List Your Favorite Film and Stage Musicals of All-Time
courtesy of Music Listography : Your Life In (Play)Lists

Editor’s Note: I come from a musical theater background, and have always had a thing for musical movies, that said, I will try to keep my list at 25 this week. As usual, not in particular order except just how they come to me.

1. Grease

There are Worse Things I Could Do

2. Wicked

For Good

3. Nine

Take It All

4. Once

Falling Slowly

5. West Side Story


6. Rent

Light My Candle

7. The Producers

Springtime for Hitler

8. Oliver!

As Long as He Needs Me

9. Spring Awakening

Cast performance at the Tony Awards

10. American Idiot

Last Day on Earth

11. The Phantom of the Opera

The Music of the Night

12. Funny Girl

Don’t Rain on My Parade

13. Les Miserables

I Dreamed a Dream

14. Mama Mia!

The Winner Takes it All

15. Bye Bye Birdie

Bye Bye Birdie

16. Chicago

Cell Block Tango

17. A Chorus Line


18. Singin’ in the Rain

Make Em’ Laugh

19. Moulin Rouge!

Elephant Love Medley

20. Cabaret

Maybe This Time

21. A Star is Born


22. The Sound of Music

My Favorite Things

23. Across the Universe

All You Need is Love

24. Guys and Dolls

Luck be a Lady

25. Repo the Genetic Opera

Zydrate Anatomy

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