Most of the time I wouldn’t change it if I could :: Soundtrack Shout Out Wednesday

High Fidelity

High Fidelity :: Soundtrack Shout Out

A movie centered around a record store based on a book by Nick Hornby starring John Cusack with an amazing soundtrack, how could I possibly resist this movie, I mean, so many things I love all in one film, amazing. I spent many years working in record stores, and many more years haunting them almost religiously, feeding my never sated hunger for new music. Probably due to this life fact I enjoyed the scenes in the record store the best in the film, a close second would be the scenes with Rob and his record collection, and Rob making his music mixes. There is also a character named Laura who does not die, though the movie starts at the death of her and Rob’s relationship (it is revived though, so does that break my name/character curse?).

Did I mention how great the soundtrack is to this film?

High Fidelity trailer

The “Monday tape”

My own top 5’s on Tuesdays were inspired by the book and movie, High Fidelity. Also, “Tell Laura I Love Her” mentioned in the “Top 5 Songs about death” conversation is another “Laura/death” connection.

Top 5 Songs about death

Autobiographical record collection

Dry the Rain/Beta Band scene

Dry the Rain :: Beta Band

You’re Gonna Miss Me :: 13th Floor Elevators

Crimson and Clover :: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Most of the Time :: Bob Dylan