Honey, I ain’t nothing new :: songs and poetry


Keep Art Alive :: “Decadence and Despair” :: Art by Sarah Joncas

Stamp Collector Lament
(by me)

I carry your letters with me,
out back,
stolen moments in the rain,
I need to possess this part of you, alone.

You are the sticky sweet part of my existence,
full of wonder and lust,
I page through your ink and paper rambles,
weaving them deeper into my soul, divine.

I want you to find me here,
by the orange tree,
smother me with everything and nothing, silence,
I need you to erase these responsibilities, blind me.

Our whispered conversations bleed and run,
not quite developed yet,
photography still hanging in our dark room,
images beginning to be brought into focus, clean.

I wish to be part of the wind in your hair,
tangle you,
know how you are over morning coffee, the paper,
reunite our wistful letters with breath, spoken.

Come closer,
scrawl the meanings on the curve of my spine,
I need them to be more,
to burn me,

Call Me On Your Way Back Home
(live) :: Ryan Adams