Top five Tuesday :: Is it raining with you?


Top Five Tuesday :: Rain songs

I am having a wishing for rain kind of day, even though we did just have rain last Friday. There is something about January that always has me longing for raindrops and umbrellas, rain boots and jackets, and as I mentioned in the song-of-the-day post, the cinematic stereotypical kissing in the rain.

Following are my top five favorite rain songs (though honestly, I could come up with a full playlist, and may just do that later this week). I would love to know your favorites, please share in the comments, they may just wind up in the rainy playlist, too.

5. Dirty Rain (live)

Last time I was here it was raining,
it ain’t raining anymore

Those initial moments of passion, of kisses in the rain and tangled up bed sheets, of breathless wishing and heart-beats of phone calls and missing each other, they come and go like a sudden and unexpected rain storm. We spend days and hours, thoughts and fights and conversations, trying to reclaim it. Sometimes the effort of it all feels like trying to start a fire out in the pouring down rain.

4. Why Does it Always Rain On Me? (live) :: Travis

Sunny days,
where have you gone?
I get the strangest feeling you belong

Sometimes you have to wrap yourself up in your own sadness and allow you to feel it, allow it to pour on over you like rain, and let it soak you until you nearly drown. It is only after soaking it all in that you can dry off, lift yourself back up and let it all go. The sadness, like the rain, never lasts forever.

3. Red Rain :: Peter Gabriel

I come to you,
defenses down,
with the trust of a child

It is at our most vulnerable, with ourselves held wide open, that we can truly be loved. It is scary, though, opening up freely, in a way that leaves us open to be hurt, let down, and disappointed. But, it is with that kind of trust, that we can find that cherished and sought after intimacy that is so rare and beautiful.

2. Here Comes the Rain Again :: The Eurythmics

I want to breathe in the open wind.
I want to kiss like lovers do

Perhaps it is the uncontrollable elements of rain that makes kisses in such weather seem so passionate and memorable. We are vulnerable in moments and situations like a sudden downpour and thus possibly more open then at other times. We let ourselves, if only momentarily, get swept up in the rainy moment.

1. Fire and Rain (live) :: James Taylor

But I always thought that I’d see you again.”

We stood in the rain without umbrellas or coats, without protection from the water and weather, without protection from heartbreak, or from each other. I still cannot recall who said those three words first, but I do remember saying them, and feeling them. I really believed we were the stuff of forever.

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