Keep Art Alive :: “Viridian I” :: Art by Aaron Nagel

Cat Eyes
(by me)

Under the beads of sweat and crystal,
beneath the blue flicker of light,
we moved,
we danced,
we fell.You in your obsidian bangles and crushed velvet pants,
pale skin luminous,

I traced lines around your lips on the floor of your room,
pucker up baby,
show me a smile,and collapse.
Our hair made out of the same bottles,
staining the tile around the sink,
droplets of blue and black,
like bruised tears.

He circled around you,
then me,
in the pace and demeanor of saints and death,
crashing stars,
bewitched and beguiled.
We drove their singing in unison,
voices raised and lit up,
bottle of Absinthe in between your legs,
green goblins of fire,
lap it up,

There was so much passion in the most mundane of words,
the music sweeping in wafts of color around us,
pulses racing with too much of everything,
and nothing.
No one would remember a thing,
crossed out names in the sand,
made up of lost aspirations,
title pages,

Yet we have the same mark on our backs,
the napkins and paper mache.
I still smell your flavors,
tongues twitching and trailing against our souls,
They promised us a brand new set of wings,
left us gaping holes instead.

Years have dwindled away,
and these are just hidden embers of time,
but I hold them up to my ears,
listen to their stories,
close my eyes,
feel the drums beat inside my chest,
and feel the light again,
reflected off your sway,
and taste the fractured destiny.

Red River :: Blood Red Shoes

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