It was so simple in the moonlight :: song of the day

kelly haigh

Keep Art Alive :: “Feathered” :: Art by Kelly Haigh

Highland Avenue
(by me)

On Highland Avenue
around the block
I stood in line
for change to happen
to find myself
in the land of the lost
take my fifteen minutes
re-identify the why
check my face in the mirror
see a different soul
scrape off the perfect girl
destroy the grade point average
shatter the image
get in your face and dance

I counted on losing time
flushing my watch
taking in danger
making it oh so pretty
i looked different
with bloodshot eyes
smeared eyeliner
half a shot
and a Vicodin
sniff this eat that
minding the nevermind
learning to destroy

Some nights I glowed
like fireflies caught in a jar
other times I crawled
back on home to die
losing and gaining
building a new reputation
a revolution of a new found friend
in myself
and in spite of myself
without myself
the doors shut
I let them all go
feeling the pulse in my veins
and my feet
jumping and cutting
living my two lives
it can be easy to divide

It was within my own space
inside my freedom on wheels
where I lost control
of the losing and the gaining
screaming in a whisper
this is who you are now
he assured me
he bled me
I took in all the deserve

It was the street behind Highland Avenue
where it all began
and ended
in the span of a night

I will never get back what I lost there

(live) :: Bright Eyes

The love I sell you in the evening,
by the morning won’t exist

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