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Henry and June

Henry and June (1990)

Anais and Henry speak about writing about June.

It’s a distortion. Henry, Look at me! Look! You can’t see me or anyone as they are! I wanted Dostoyevsky!” ~ June Miller

Two of my favorite authors, Henry Miller an Anais Nin, are featured in this film that chronicles a time in both of their lives written about in the once hidden diaries of Anais Nin. Anais had asked for the portions of her diaries talking about her extra-marital relationship with both Henry and June Miller to be hidden away until the death of her husband Hugo. Henry and June is a gorgeous film, lush with language and imagery, music and location. This is a film that makes me want to travel and write, and which picks and teases at my gypsy soul something fierce. From the first time I saw the film I had this stirring in me that wishes I could go back in time to Paris and converse with the writers and artists of the Henry Miller and Anais Nin era, it would be amazing and divine to have been a part of it, if only for a moment.

This film, though, does provide a trip in time in some ways, and it is probably why I often come back to it for a re-watch, and a new visit. Visually stunning and superbly cast, I do sadly feel that the film was hurt by an NC-17 rating at the time of release due solely to the sexual/erotic content of the film. Funny, watching it now it seems tame in comparison to what even cable networks show on their televised series. That said, sex has always been censored and criticized much more harshly than violence, and even though we have made strides in that regard, there is still definitely a bias in the world of ratings.

I love this look at the lives of writers and artists in a moment in time that I still wish I could visit. This film is breathtaking, to me.

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