Coffee and TV :: “Sweet Dreams” :: Cinematic Music moment on Fox’s The Following

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) :: Marilyn Manson


The Following :: Monday nights on Fox

I am a huge fan of movies and television that utilize music in an effective way to the point that the inclusion of a song, or songs, add to the drama of the cinematic scene, making it an unforgettable pairing of song and scene. This week’s premiere of the gritty, serial killer drama The Following, at one such cinematic/music moment when during the opening “escape” scene Marilyn Manson’s cover version of Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by the Eurythmics became Patsy Cline’s Sweet Dreams (Of You). There was no dialogue used, but the viewer was already chilled and uneasy, and this was due to the cinematic song choice. It was riveting, and I was hooked immediately by this detail, feeling chills chase up and down my arms and spine, ready to be moved along, intrigued and most likely scared.

Bravo for this cinematic musical moment of television.

Sweet Dreams (Of You) :: Patsy Cline

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