Keep Art Alive :: The 10 Questions Project :: Featuring AC Dillon

1. What music (or other art form) inspires you when you create your art?

It truly varies, depending on the project.  For each unique work of fiction, the first step after the initial conceptualization and outlining is the creation of a playlist.  The songs chosen reflect each aspect of the story:  the setting; the mood; the unique personalities of the characters; and the events.  The end result is something of an extended film soundtrack, given that I write and create rather cinematically (i.e., my projects begin as flash “movies” in my mind).  Change Of Season had a writing playlist, a chapter-by-chapter soundtrack ( and character playlists for the four key characters as well.

2. Long distance road trip: what three people do you invite along (fictional or non-fictional, dead or alive)?

It seems like a fairly mundane list, but I’d choose my fiance, my friend J. and my other friend, S.  Road trips are about bonding and adventure for me, and each of the three people I’d wish to take are people that enrich my experience of the world or encourage me to be less self-conscious and more exploratory.  Some of my best road trip memories already involve S.

3. What is your favorite breakfast cereal?

I sadly can’t eat cereal anymore due to gluten allergy, so this question’s rather bittersweet.  I’ve long been the sort of person that finds cereal to be a perfectly suitable choice for any and all meals in a day.  I long for the day when Lucky Charms are gluten free.

4. What is one thing that is hanging on your bedroom wall?

I have only one thing hanging on the wall, actually (I reserve the living room for my array of posters and lithographs).  It’s an artwork by Kozyndan called “Takadanobaba on Acid” and was a gift from my friend J. from the roadtrip above.  I absolutely love it.   Here’s a link to it:

Takadanobaba on Acid

5. What smell/scent evokes strong memories for you?

I don’t have one.  It may be partially due to my numerous allergies to flowers, plants and perfumes/colognes.  I tend to run from strong smells.

In terms of evoking a strong feeling, the scents of pumpkin spice and a cat (that wonderfully unique cat smell when you bury your nose in one’s fur and cuddle close) both evoke a sense of grounding and comfort in me, without fail.

6. Coffee or tea?

Tea, hands down.  I’ve never been fussy on coffee and I’m not even allowed to drink it.  I’m also half-British so I’m pretty certain it’d be blasphemy to answer otherwise.  There’s likely a whole branch of the Royal Forces devoted to seeking out and flogging Brits who decry tea.

7. What has been the most impactful compliment, or criticism, you have ever received?

In grade eleven, my English teacher noticed that my peers didn’t take kindly to me being apt at the subject, and school in general.  To have a brain was a terrible thing to this particular group of students.  As a result, I began to grow quiet and stopped answering questions in class.  After a day where I walked in nearly in tears from an incident in the previous class, she asked me to remain after the bell and told me, “Don’t dim your light because they’re afraid of how brightly it shines.”  It was not an entirely novel comment – I’d heard it before from other teachers – but the way she articulated it resonated within me.  I am no longer afraid to shine.

8. Three words that describe you?

Empathetic, creative and intelligent.

9. What is/was your cartoon character crush?

I’m starting to feel rather unusual, as I am again at a loss for an answer.  Maybe Robin Hood from the Disney version?  He’s so witty and full of bravado, yet strangely down to earth.  Such an underrated film.

10. The world is ending in ten minutes and you get to listen to one, and only one, song: Which song?

Hell for a music addict.  The answer would likely change on any given day, dependent on my moods and such, but I’m going to go with “Champions of Nothing” by Matthew Good.  Nine minutes and thirty-four seconds of powerful music, ending with fitting lines:  “So there’s a man waiting to take me to something that I’m for/That I’m for”.


A favorite book of mine that I secretly hope and root for a sequel to, I reviewed Change of Season back in August 2012, you can read more here. This is also one of those books that made me realize that A.C. Dillon should be writing a television series – she writes in such a truly “cinematic” way (even self-admittedly, as seen above).


Next on my to-read list, I cannot wait to read Collide. Check back here post-reading as I will most surely review it, as well.

AC Dillon is a fantastic novel writer, as well as an exceptional music blogger, as you can see here at Open ‘Til Midnight, she is also a dear friend of mine who has always been both a confidante and an inspiration to me as a writer, and a person living in this world. She is the queen of pop-culture and is a fellow music obsessive, and an all-around amazing soul. She creates rich and fully alive characters who quickly feel like close friends while you read them, and has an impeccable way of capturing space and time and sense of place. She will also possibly love you forever if you bring up Empire Records to her.

To learn more about AC Dillon’s music writing, go and check out Open ‘Til Midnight.

You can purchase her amazing books here: Change of Season and Collide.

I want to thank AC Dillon for participating in the 10 Questions Project and I want to encourage all my readers to go now go and check out her writing, purchase one of her books – whether in paper or electronic form, and hop on over to her music blog, bookmark it, and enjoy.

Keep art alive and show your support, always.

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