Like a child you can’t control :: song of the day


Keep Art Alive :: Art by Caia Koopman

Some people hide their emotions,
and some people show too much.
I’m aiming for somewhere central.”

Some days it amazes me how quickly time passes, how far I have already traveled in this life, and yet, how often adolescent, and naive, I feel. I still play music far too loud in the car, and I sing-a-loud; my own little concert on wheels as I role along the 101 freeway. I still feel confused by love, and people, and the dynamics between finding someone who fits with who you are, and actually taking the steps of being with them. On the flip side (b-side, my vinyl love wants to edit), I feel that I have volumes of life behind me, and novels worth of things to say about all of it. I feel a chaotic whirlwind of knowing and confusion, desire and regret, doubt and belief; and the unmistakeable pull of some invisible internal cord that whispers and sings to me, reminding me that I am ready for more. I stand here, unmoving, in the center of it all, the crux, the eye of the storm girl that I am.

Nosebleed :: Maximo Park

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