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List Your Favorite Male Vocalists of All-Time
courtesy of Music Listography : Your Life In (Play)Lists

Editor’s Note: Please forgive the length, but really, this was near impossible to narrow down. Also, this is not necessarily in order of favorite, but just how they came to me.

1. Leonard Cohen

Hallelujah (live)

2. Ryan Adams

La Cienega Just Smiled (live)

3. Elliott Smith

Waltz #2 (live)

4. Bryan Ferry

Slave to Love

5. Bob Dylan

Tangled Up in Blue (live)

6. Pete Yorn

Life on a Chain (live)

7. Billy Joel

You May Be Right (live)

8. Damien Rice

Rootless Tree (live)

9. Dave Grohl

Best of You :: Foo Fighters

10. John Lennon

Jealous Guy

11. Jack White

I’m Shakin’ (live)

12. Ryan Bingham

Bread and Water (live)

13. Sam Cooke

A Change is Gonna Come

14. Ben Gibbard

Tiny Vessels (live)

15. Lenny Kravitz

It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

16. Conor Oberst

Cape Canaveral (live)

17. Adam Duritz

Round Here (live) :: Counting Crows

18. Elton John

Tiny Dancer (live)

19. Cee Lo Green

Crazy (live)

20. Ben Folds

Still Fighting It

21. Nat King Cole

Nature Boy (live)

22. Eddie Vedder


23. Grant Lee Phillips

Honey Don’t Think (live) :: Grant Lee Buffalo

24. Bono

Red Hill Mining Town :: U2

25. Robert Smith

Pictures of You (live) :: The Cure

26. Duncan Sheik

She Runs Away

27. Michael Penn

No Myth (live)

28. Paul McCartney

Maybe I’m Amazed :: Wings

29. Kurt Cobain

All Apologies (live) :: Nirvana

30. Jeff Buckley

Last Goodbye (live)

31. Ben Lee

Catch My Disease (live)

32. Otis Redding

These Arms of Mine

33. Andrew McMahon

Swim :: Jack’s Mannequin

34. Billy Idol

Eyes Without a Face

35. Brandon Flowers

Romeo and Juliet (live) :: The Killers

36. Glen Hansard

Say It To Me Now (live)

37. Rod Stewart

Stay With Me (live) :: Rod Stewart and The Faces

38.  Mick Jagger

Wild Horses :: Rolling Stones

39. John Mayer

Queen of California (live)

40. Johnny Cash

A Boy Named Sue (live)

41. Steven Tyler

Dream On (live) :: Aerosmith

42. Beck

Lost Cause 

43. Charlie Sexton


44. Bruce Springsteen

Born to Run (live)

45. Langhorne Slim

I Love You, But Goodbye (live)

46. David Bowie

Starman (live)

47. Marvin Gaye

Let’s Get It On

48. Peter Murphy

All Night Long

49. Trent Reznor

Something I Can Never Have (live)

50. Freddie Mercury

Don’t Stop Me Now :: Queen

51. Adam Levine

Sunday Morning (live) :: Maroon 5

52. Rick Springfield

I’ve Done Everything For You 

53. Matthew Sweet

Girlfriend (live)

54. Brian Fallon

She Loves You (live)

55. Jim Morrison

Riders On the Storm

56. Lou Reed

Perfect Day (live)

57. Simon Le Bon

Ordinary World (live)

58. Michael Stipe


59. Tim Booth

Sit Down :: James

60. Paul Westerberg

Dyslexic Heart

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