wish on a star

Moon Healing Escalation
(by me)

This is it, my part of the porch,
the cold cement, rain dripping from the rafters,
ash on the petals, my toes going to ice.
Me, your lonely, lovely little heat vampire,
ready to suck you clean.
The Cheshire Cat is carved out of the sky,
coming unglued,
I think he may fall this time.
I feel the rhythm of too many stories in my skin,
ribbet ribbed,
the frog leaps into my hair,
tattered, tangled.
This is what it comes to.
And, I could kiss him,
is that what they say?
Spread my poisonous wishes,
make myself a man.
I think I have lost my will to imagine,
to strive to drive the canyon floor route to the old me.
I left my soul on the side of the road,
you can see it when you drive by,
rotting, risking,
reeling in the guilt tread tire marked “what if’s”.
What if?
Maybe I should open a vein.
Maybe I should close the blinds.
Maybe I should shut my mouth.
Maybe I should just wait for the endorphins to rush in and take me away.
Heal me, hurt me,
rip open the pores of my ever-smiling face.
I want you to see through the escalations,
the drama-queen purrs and pounces,
find the reason of the girl,
in the whore,
in the mother-of-pearl.
Find my spot on the porch,
with the rain and its flooding.
Find the choking monster of regrets and wonder.
I wish and I may that this night was upon you.
I and him and everything just would disappear,
and run around and back again,
make sense again,
be true again.
The moon, and your voice,
the hoarseness of too many,
too much,
too little.
Come back frog,
come back cat.
Give me my happy go lucky ending.
Let the credits roll with one final kiss and last breath.
Give me something I can take home with me,
a piece of anything that will keep me sane,
keep me chained,
keep me here and now and not just on this porch,
but with you,
in you,
There is never satisfaction.
The moon heals,
but I wander,
the heart still she wanders.

Honey and the Moon (live) :: Joseph Arthur

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