Stay :: Shakespeare’s Sister

This song reminds me of a story I am writing, enough so that I may have to add it to my writing playlist. I love Siobhan Fahey in this video, the way she looks, her manically painted persona, like a melding of Death and Harley Quinn.

Here is a small excerpt of the story:

Six hours is what they told me. I am still unsure how they determined the time; whether it is just a guess, educated or otherwise, or if there is logic to the parameters in place. Six hours from the moment of being bit, six hours to be mistaken as one of them, six hours to exist in-between the teetering balance of human and monster, six hours to absorb all that I can about what goes on, and steal anything I can tote back to the group, six hours to survive, and get back. To go through the torture again, slip into a comatose zone of sleep, and then start it all up, all over again. I have never missed a return. I have never pushed the limits of time. I have never messed with the deadline until this night.

He has a way of making me forget all about the time.

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