She must be somebody’s baby :: Soundtrack Shout Out Wednesday


Fast Times at Ridgemont High :: Soundtrack Shout Out

One of my favorite high school movies that I sometimes feel gets over-looked when discussing adolescent films from the 80’s, mainly due to the popularity of the John Hughes’ films. Do not get me wrong, I love the John Hughes’ films, but there are quite a few other great high school movies out there beyond the Brat Pack circuit. Fast Times at Ridgemont High is a very honest portrayal of teenage life and adolescence in the same vein as I feel Dazed and Confused is. The film takes on the serious and the hilarious, both with eyes wide open, and without sugar-coating anything, especially in terms of the two leading female characters, best friends Stacy and Linda, where sexuality, self-esteem, abortion and the struggle of self-realization are all played out, and not always solved completely.

The movie is full of comedic moments, too, mostly involving Jeff Spicoli, one of Sean Penn’s earliest, and unforgettable roles. His interactions with long-suffering teacher Mr. Hand are some of the most memorable, lighter scenes. And, of course, there is the notorious scene with red bikini clad Linda coming out of the pool, one of those iconic 80’s cinematic moments that is often talked about.

All of that, and more, all accompanied by a damn good soundtrack of early eighties rock and new wave. Both the film and the soundtrack stand the test of time for me, and are both part of my “favorite” list.

Somebody’s Baby :: Jackson Browne

Raised on the Radio :: Rayvns

Never Surrender :: Don Felder

Fast Times at Ridegemont High trailer

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