But for now we are young :: song of the day

her favorite red by kelly vivanco

Keep Art Alive :: Art by Kelly Vivanco

Where She Wanted Me to Go
(by me)

Lollipops and daisies in her hair,
and little boy blue parked besider her.
There were like the Twin Stars,
a bizarro world Jack and Jill.
I snapped their pictures,
turn this way and that way,
left and right.

She wanted me to take her hand,
go off to Greece to talk to the rocks,
and drink red wine by the sea.
“We can leave him behind,
my shadow,
my second self.”
But, how can you leave a part of you?
He will follow,
at least in these wayward dreams,
the ins and the outs.

I dyed her hair pink,
white stripes on the side.
He drank a bottle of bourbon,
sang love songs loudly,
and I felt her tremble beneath my fingers,
felt her flinch.
I thought I knew all of who she was,
and all of him,
but the candles were dim,
darkened, and then gone.

He hired a seamstress to make her wings,
see-through and golden,
and he hooked a pair onto his back, as well.
She could not fly away without him now,
not for even a moment.
He painted their house blue,
her favorite color,
he knew.
He stapled her skin to his soul,
forever and ever.

Peppermint and sandalwood,
the smells of her hair.
I was welcome less,
knocked at the door repeatedly,
left unheard.
He would say she was tired.
Sleeping constantly,
or that she was away,
But I knew her voice was faltering in the background somewhere,
her lips glued.
She was shutting her eyes,
letting go for good,
taking that trip to the ocean side.

Alone and unafraid.

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (live, cover) :: The Avett Brothers