Cuts You Up :: Peter Murphy

Filed away in a life-chapter entitled “Things Happen for a Reason” is a young girl of nineteen who bought two tickets to see Peter Murphy play live somewhere in Hollywood, the venue now long forgotten. She had plans with a good friend of hers, a boy she knew from High School who loved music the way she did, but who she never had wanted to kiss, nor had he ever wished to kiss her.

She let him hold the tickets for them and the night of the show she played songs like this one as she got ready. The boy she had never wanted to kiss took the tickets she bought for them and took a boy he wanted to kiss instead, calling her as he was walking out the door to tell her of his plan with no apology, no “I hope you understand.”

She was understandably upset and hurt because she may never have wanted to kiss this boy, but she wanted to be his friend, and she most certainly had wanted to see and hear music with him, music they both loved, together.

A different friend came to her emotional rescue, capturing her and taking her off into the night to see a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. She had not seen it since she was in High School, going on Friday nights with her theater class, or with her best friend who lived down the street from her. This friend who took her the girl had just met in a different theater class, this time in college. They sat towards the front and laughed and sang and shouted along, and the girl nearly forgot the concert going on elsewhere that she was supposed to be at with the boy she had never wanted to kiss.

That night at the movies before the lights went down the girl saw a boy in a hat that looked like the kind that the band boys from Duran Duran wore. He had beautiful brown eyes and a half-ways kind of grin that brought a blush to her cheeks when he had smiled at her. She saw him again later when she went into the late night diner with her new friend. He spotted her immediately and walked her way, the crooked smile on full blast, and a voice deep and crisp that sounded like music to the girl, and felt warm like a familiar, favorite song. He asked her and her new friend to join him at his table that he was sharing with his friends, and for the whole rest of the night they talked about music and movies, and all those late night things that unforgettable conversations are made of.

When it was time to go the boy asked the girl if he could see her again, and as she said “yes” she thought this is a boy I really want to kiss someday.

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