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3. The Words (2012)
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The Old Man” (Score from The Words) :: Marcelo Zarvos

I wanted to like this film so much more than I did, especially since it is about writers and writing, and involved time shifts and intersecting stories, something I love in film when it is done right. But, therein lies why I did not love this film, the stories did not always mesh well together, especially the story arc involving accomplished writer Clay Hammond and the mysterious student, Daniella. I wanted Daniella, espeically, to be connected to the other characters and intersecting story lines, but for me she was a complete disconnect, and a disappointment in the end, as I kept trying to piece her into something.

There were moments that worked, though, especially for me in the “Old Man’s” story of his life, and what brought on his words. I actually wanted more of his story, I wanted to see what became of him after he lost his manuscript, and after he saw his long lost wife at the train platform, with a new husband and child. Perhaps I just wanted to read his story, the one that Rory found and passed off as his own.

I think, too, I also wanted more delving into what makes something true, and what makes something fiction, and what were the consequences for the “Old Man“, both positive and negative, for having his story out there. What if Rory had been able to have his name removed and the real writer acknowledged? What would it have done for the “Old Man“, and what would it have done for the story itself?

Great performances by Jeremy Irons and Ben Barnes, who to me were brilliant at playing older and younger versions of  the “Old Man“. As I said, it was his story I wanted more of, and enjoyed the most in the film.

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