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Blue raincoat

A blue song was the first song of the morning, heard just after my first cup of coffee, while the sky was still tinted grey from the night before. The song was It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue by Bob Dylan, the first song the music gods gifted me. Sometimes the shuffle feature, and a cup of coffee, is enough to get me by. Bob is singing Tangled Up in Blue now. This is one of those songs that hits deep beneath the surface, a story that is not mine, but still resonates somehow. I would put it up there with Famous Blue Raincoat as my storytelling musical favorites.

Tangled Up in Blue :: Bob Dylan

I would love to pen a story about Jane. Perhaps she met up with Bob on the road, or in the topless bar; perhaps he wore a raincoat and gave her a rose before he left her that rainy morning. The rose, she pressed it between the pages of a well-worn copy of Kerouac’s On the Road, the one she tucked in her tattered patchwork bag, the one she took with her everywhere. It has a hole at the bottom, a seam that tore open on a bus ride up the coast, a hole that she patched up with crimson thread.

Famous Blue Raincoat (live) :: Leonard Cohen

Now I wonder if there is a blue theme to my day. The sky outside my bedroom window looks grey and overcast, one of those mornings that seem so bleak, but that everyone assures each other will burn off by the afternoon. I just sorted a playlist by the word blue. Do you ever do that? Pick a word and see what it brings? The blue songs bring to mind blue characters, Blue from the film Desert Blue, Blue from the movie Old School and how that became my younger brother’s nickname when he went to university because he was older than his roommates. Perhaps Jane goes by the name Azure when she dances at the topless place, a connection back to that blue raincoat, the last glimpse of him that she caught as the bus pulled away. He never saw the tears rolling down her face as he walked away, he never did turn around, or ask her to stay.

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