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Silver Lining

And I was your silver lining,
as the story goes.
I was your silver lining,
but now I’m gold.”

One of the resolves of this new year is to be more present in my life, something I have struggled with, and fought to accomplish, off-and-on in the past. One thing that has always helped keep me awake and open has been to note all the things that I appreciate in a day, the big and the small things, the laughs and the smiles, or the wake-up calls that keep us in this world. Perhaps one could say they are my silver linings, something that a war-torn optimist clings to, no matter how jaded the world tries to make her – make me.

I do not want to waste my days waiting for something to happen to “make it all begin“. We all do it though, do we not? Set goals and end games with finish lines that we have deemed starts, where we will begin being happy, do the things we dream of doing, take risks, really live. But why must we put off all of those things? Will losing weight or having more money or accomplishing some fabricated goal really make us better prepared to live?

I am tired of waiting for things to get better, I am tired of waiting for the proverbial pot of gold at the end of this or that goal or accomplishment, I am my own silver lining, I am my own room full of gold, I am the only thing holding me back.

Silver Lining :: Rilo Kiley

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