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Video Killed the Radio Star :: Like a Virgin :: Madonna

I find it near impossible to remember when this song was new, to recall a time when Madonna was still a breaking artist and when songs that have become so ingrained into pop culture were just hitting the airwaves, and the MTV rotation. This song especially seems to have a life of its own, in flashback scenes in movies, drag shows, or as some kind of humorous take on the 80’s usually done in an ironic way. But, back in 1985, Like a Virgin was a new album, and the video, shot in the canals of Venice with a lace and beaded Madonna and a lion, were just catching on.

I was sixteen. I was a virgin. I was both fascinated and somewhat uncomfortable when listening to this song mostly because as much as I wanted to understand what she was singing, a lot of it I just did now know. I did love to dance to it, though – a lot. And, although I did not have the confidence to pull it off, I loved Madonna’s style during this album/video.

During that Summer my friends and I would go dancing at Knott’s Berry Farm. There were two places to dance,  Studio K and Cloud 9. Studio K was outdoors, adjacent to the Dragon Swing and Montezuma’s Revenge rides, and the DJ’s typically spun pop records. Like a Virgin was huge that Summer and was subsequently played often. Two of my friends that I would regularly go with were twins, and though “identical” by birth, they definitely were “different” in style. One of the two was a huge Madonna fan, and did have the confidence to dress the part. I was in awe of her poise, and her clothes and jewelry. I thought she was bold and in color.

Like a Virgin :: Madonna


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