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This was taken just a few days ago, mid-afternoon, and in mid-conversation about how you want to learn to horseback ride and rock climb. I snapped the photo and did not think more on it until I stumbled upon a different picture of you, from your first day of kindergarten. Here you are, right now, in your last year in elementary school, looking forward to middle school, and high school, when it does not seem all that long ago that you were excited to be going off to school for the first time.


I had written down what you told me after your first day in kindergarten, when I called to talk to you after you had just got home from school, and here are the words you shared:

“We had hangerburs (intention misspell to show her pronunciation) and chocolate milk. My teacher is pretty. I liked her pink dress and black shoes. The boy with the red hair and glasses cried when his Momma left, but I did not cry. We played outside for a little bit, but it was too hot. She read us the kissing hand about a raccoon who came to school at night. Okay Momma, I’m done. bye, I love you.”

My, oh my, how you have grown, Veronica. I think you are an incredible girl, and I am so lucky to know you.

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