The Last Royals

The Last Royals


Hello 2013, what have we here? A brand new album from a just discovered band that I am already musically obsessing over? Why thank you, yes it is, and this is just the way I love to start a new year!

Twistification is a soon-to-be-released album from Brooklyn-duo, The Last Royals, that is my first must-here album recommendation of the year. As luck would have it you can stream the album in its entirety on Spotify – click here – and then you can purchase the album on January 8 – buy here on the 8th.

Twistification is like a good jukebox found in the corner of your favorite neighborhood dive bar, full of a wide variety of sounds and songs ranging in style from indie pop, mellow bliss-ness, throwback 80’s sounding electronica, and right at you rock and roll. Though the duo is from New York, there is something very Brit-pop about the album, reminding me of Arctic Monkeys, early Killers, Elbow and The Kooks. There is also a little bit of alt-pop-rock favorites from the States, like My Chemical Romance and Imagine Dragons, with a dash of Postal Service thrown in for good measure, on this album.

Like I said, this is the stuff a good jukebox is full of, or better yet, your favorite mix tape.

Off the bat my favorite is Always, To Belong, which has a sweetness and vulnerability to it that is infectious, and really quite lovely. It has a Summertime feel to it, or an indie love story first kiss scene moment in its chords and choruses. I can close my eyes and see the scene happening, doe eyes and awkward words, the kiss, and this song playing in the background. The video to Always, To Belong is full of heart and adorableness and artistic verve, as well.

Always, To Belong

I Hate California runs a close second as a fast favorite of mine, with its confessional lyrical lilt, layered in jaded resentment that calls to mind the impossibility of long-distance love and that feeling of trying, and failing, to make it in Los Angeles. This song fits right in to my playlist of too much time spent in Los Angeles, and even though I do not hate California (at least not all the time), it does give me a keen sense of joy to sing-a-long to the chorus of hating this place I live in.

I Hate California (live)

Good Day Radio reminds me of video arcades from my youth, and my adolescent afternoons and late nights spent in front of MTV. This is the song that will be waking me up early in the morning as I drive my long commute to work for awhile. It is a play loudly and sing-a-long even more loudly, car concert kind of song, which could also work well as a dance around the house  in bare feet kind of song, too. I love the melding of 80’s electro-sensibilities and post-modern indie pop sounds that make-up this song. It  is sugar-sweet fun and super highly addictive to listen to.

Actually, addictive is a great word to sum up this whole album. This is an album that I immediately want to start over and listen to again, as soon as the last track finishes. The last track, Barefoot Winter Waltz, by the way, is an emotionally-charged tune with a lovely build up of melancholy, starting in that unrequited love place and soaring off into that screw this, I am going to get over you, or love you regardless, kind of way. This song has story to it, complexities and conversations, and a plot just waiting to unfold. It is fighting its way up the list of favorites vying for first place in my music-loving heart, and damn if it is not hard to resist.

Honestly, go now go and listen to this album, I am pretty sure you will be glad that you did. I know I will be listening to it (a lot).

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