So much for the city :: song of the day


One of my resolutions for this new year is to get outdoors more. I have become too confined and far too plugged in to technology (she says as she writes in her blog, oh technology, I am yours eternally), and I have missed being free of cords and batteries, besides maybe a car’s battery. Those days when I would just drive up the coast to get out of town with nothing but snacks, something to quench thirst, and a bunch of tunes to play, and sing-a-long to. I am feeling wistful for those days.

I am remembering one of our trips to Big Sur, the way the ocean looks from such a vantage point, the way the wind felt with the windows down, the way the air smelled of salt water and unspoken dreams. I need a trip soon, up the coast, perhaps to Big Sur. I never did make it (yet) to the Henry Miller museum – I do believe it is long past due.

So much for the street lights,
they’re never gonna guide you home,
no, they’re never gonna guide you home

Big Sur :: The Thrills

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