I need your loving like the sunshine :: Soundtrack Shout Out Wednesday


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind :: Soundtrack Shout Out

My most favorite film ever has quite an emotional soundtrack to go along with it. The score itself was composed by Jon Brion, noted for his other incredible film scores, and for his work with a favorite musician/artist of mine, Aimee Mann. The music is moody, ethereal and a bit off-center, which is perfect for a film about erased memories, parallel consciousness, alternate realities and persistent true love.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Theme :: Jon Brion

My favorite music from the film, though, is definitely the song that starts the film off, Beck’s Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime, which truly sets the tone for who Joel is, what he is going through that leads him to want to erase Clementine, and has us emotionally locked in right from the first few lyrical lines and cinematic images.

It is also the song we hear at the end of the last conversation in the last scene, one of my all-time favorite movie scenes, which ends in an exchange of “okay”.

Last scene

Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime :: Beck

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