You have to believe we are magic :: song of the day


And if all your hopes survive,
your destiny will arrive.
I’ll bring all your dreams alive,
for you.”

As a child of the seventies, Olivia Newton-John was that one “star” that I most admired. It was more than a crush though, or even a fan type adoration, she was someone I would have loved to “be” if I could have. She could sing, she could dance, she could act, she could rollar skate, she wore glitter and flowing dresses at one moment, and wore tough, rock-and-roll clothes the next – to me, as a young girl, she was magic.

Magic :: Olivia Newton-John

Growing up, I think I thought that to matter to someone, and to be worthy of their love, I had to bring some kind of magic into their lives, either by saving them in some way, or aiding them in making their dreams come true. Feeding and clothing my own dreams always fell to the wayside, and became less important, to me. That sacrifice, though, was not a definition of love, and it never held together pieces and parts that later would break, and deep down, I grew resentful and depressed.

I am trying to embrace my own dreams now, while still supporting those I love and what their destinies are to be. It is a precarious balance, but one that I am willing to try to make work. We are all capable of some kind of magic, after all, if we just believe.

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