The 80’s :: One hand’s just reaching out


Video Killed the Radio Star :: The Go-Go’s :: Head Over Heels

This song was an integral part of my last year in high school and the last years of my adolescence. It was about the exuberance and bliss of connecting with what will turn into lifetime friends, the kind you can let go and be yourself around, and share absolutely everything with – especially music, and dreams.

For us, at that time, we dreamed of being in a girl group like the Go-Go’s, and whenever I hear this song, or watch this vibrant video, I pause for a moment to secretly wish we had given it a go, being in a band.

A few years later I would meet Jane Wiedlin at an awards show and I would confess my past dreams of being in a band, and she said something about music bridging that gap between dreams and reality, and that maybe I should just go for it. I did not, but I did keep her words with me, took them to heart and still think on them often. I also kept a keen picture of her and I that I adore. We are laughing together at a joke my friend said right before he snapped the shot, a caught off-guard kind of photography, my favorite kind.

Head Over Heels
:: The Go-Go’s


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