Give me what I’ve always missed :: Song of the day


And if you give me an hour,
I’ll show you how you feel.”

This song reminds me of a certain December past – the people I hung around with, the things we did, and the music that played. It was kohl black eyeliner, late nights turned to mornings at various parks around the valley, long boots and dark dance floors, cherry sour kisses, and stolen passionate moments that are truly unforgettable.

I still have a case full of mixed tapes from that time. Sometimes I like to pull them out and look through them, read off the track lists and remember what that time felt like. I need to get my hands on a cassette player again, one of these days, so I can give them a listen.

Though Earth, Moon, Sun is my all-time favorite Love and Rockets album, I do love Express quite a lot, and honestly, it is more memory-loaded for me.

This is one of the bands that I’ve never seen live that I really, really wish I had.

All In My Mind :: Love and Rockets

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