They were all in love with dying :: Video of the day

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Pepper :: Butthole Surfers

This song has always felt like two songs in one to me. The verses remind me of The Jim Carroll Band’s song ‘People Who Died’ – laundry list of people and tragedies, and the sound/style of it. And then the chorus kicks in, a bit of melodic poetry, and a change of mood/feeling from tragedy to a kind of beauty.

This song reminds me of the late 90’s, the writing I was doing then, the place I was somewhat stuck at in my life. It wasn’t exactly a happy time, not at all, but there was a electric kind of spark to what I was creating – I suppose the rough edges of days will do that to you – will bring out the art.

This was one of my favorite songs at the time, and I still love it – especially the chorus – and the line “you’ll never know just how you look through other people’s eyes.”

I love the way the video plays like newsreels, variety shows, commercials and old television music appearance footage, as if we are watching this on an old 1960’s style television, flipping through the channels, getting bombarded by cinematic visions, assaulting us, and hypnotizing us, all at one time. There is something disturbing in what we are seeing, but the way it is shown, I feel slightly dizzy, and numb, while I watch it, unsure of how to actually feel.

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