“You are the sun,
you are the only one.
You are so cool,
you are so
rock and roll.”

This song seems designed for movies, for action scenes, for screaming at the top of your lungs, for driving fast in the middle of the night in the desert heading towards Las Vegas, for past 3am after hour clubs with dark hallways, and for really hot nights with some kind of lover, temporary, permanent, or otherwise.

It just feels like sex, drugs and rock-and-roll – cliches aside (or included) – all wrapped up in a song; and, I mean that as a damn good thing.

I would also include this song in a list of best movie scenes utilizing music (in a non-musical movie) for the use of this song in RocknRolla…it is a brilliant blending of music and film…truly.

Rock and Roll Queen :: The Subways

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