Then he smiled at me :: Holidays-by-the-day :: Day 11


Shall I play for you,
pa rum pum pum pum,
on my drum.”

A song that reminds me immediately of my years in parochial school choirs, and also of the holiday special, a favorite of my Grandmother’s, that we would watch together every Christmas season. I find myself thinking of my Grandparents so much this holiday year, and missing them greatly. I think living in such close proximity to where they lived, and having my children getting older, it makes me nostalgic, and full of wishing that they had gotten to know my children, and that my children had gotten to know them.

I love this duet so much, a top ten favorite duet of all-time. Bing was a favorite holiday voice of my childhood, and Bowie a favorite of mine since my adolescence. Nice to have this musical moment of them together to revisit every year, like my own memories, and feelings of nostalgia.

The Little Drummer Boy :: Bing Crosby and David Bowie

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