To hear sleigh bells in the snow :: Holidays-by-the-day :: Day 9


May your days be merry and bright,
and may all your Christmases be white.”

A few years back my oldest daughter and I watched White Christmas for the first time. I am not sure what exactly it was about the film, but it immediately became our favorite holiday movie, and one of those holiday traditions that we now share – watching White Christmas together. Perhaps it was the time in both of our lives when it came into our lives, timing being key sometimes, and us needing connection at a time when so much in our mutual life as a family felt shaky and uncertain. Or, maybe it is the songs, and the humor (at times), and the overall feeling of the film, capturing a time that could be perceived as easier. Or, it could be our shared love of musicals and musical theatre that was touched on so well in this movie.

Whatever the reason, this is our movie, and will forever be that, and I love those sorts of things that become tradition and special, and, family, and us.

White Christmas :: Bing Crosby

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