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Temptation Eyes :: Blake Babies

This song reminds me of my first apartment. It was upstairs, a tiny one-bedroom that I shared with the boy who would become Julia’s Dad. We did not have a television, but we had stacks and stacks of books, and all these milk crates full of records and cassettes.

I always woke up before he did. It took me months to ever feel comfortable sleeping regularly with someone else. I would wake up tangled up in blankets and one of his limbs, the wall too close to my face, and I would try to plot out how to get out of bed without waking him up. I learned, after awhile, that he could sleep through anything – earthquakes, fire alarms, loud pounding on doors, a baby crying, me crying.

Most mornings I would tip-toe out into the kitchen, turn on our coffee pot (we had bought it at a garage sale, there was something wrong with it, some kind of slight damage, and it would take over a half hour to brew), and then flip on the stereo. One of his friends had leant me a tape with Blake Babies on it, as we had discussed our mutual love of girl groups and female singers, and I had subsequently fallen in love with it.

Listening to this song now, it feels like a postcard from my past, and I can see (and hear) it all so vividly.

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