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Video Killed the Radio Star :: Rick Springfield :: The Human Touch

My first crush as a young girl was on the character of Han Solo from the Star Wars films, which led into a crush on the character of Rick Deckard in Blade Runner (both played by Harrison Ford), which led into my adolescent crush on Rick Springfield. I had posters all over my walls of Rick well before the room was taken over by Duran Duran (though I still kept a few of Rick up through my own British Invasion), and was particularly taken by the Living in Oz album. This video especially had my teenage hormones up in arms, and watching it today it is no wonder I fell for it. I mean, look at it, it has everything my teen heart loved, it had a dark haired dreamy guy in a Sci-Fi storyline, how on earth (or in space) could I resist?

I wrote stories about Rick and I in a space adventure which included time travel, jumps to light speed, and passionate “human touch” in space. In my imagination we wore some awesome 80’s space style fashion, too.

Everybody’s talking to computers,
they’re all dancing to a drum machine.
I know I’m living on the outside,
scared of getting caught between.
I’m so cool and calculated alone in the modern world.”

Human Touch :: Rick Springfield


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