Oh, isn’t it wild? :: Song of the day


“Nightclubbing we’re nightclubbing,
we’re what’s happening.”

My very late teens/very early twenties were spent nightclubbing in Hollywood. Those nights/early mornings were definitive in my life, and played out as a rite of passage much more than any of my adolescence did. Those nights/early mornings, with all that music (and other things) were my own life’s prom and homecoming dances – no limos, and no real dates, but so much dancing and stolen kisss, and yeah, so much drama.

There were good times and bad times, things I will never forget, things I wish I didn’t remember, but all of it makes up a kaleidoscope of memories that are so much of who I was then. And all those stories…I will keep them with me forever.

I don’t think I’d want to go back, but maybe for a night, or two?

Nightclubbing :: Iggy Pop

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