You can blow what’s left of my right mind :: Video of the day

Future Starts Slow :: The Kills

Together, apart, connected, alone, kissed, deserted, love, loss, lost – these are all words that come screaming out of this video to The Kills song, Future Starts Slow. The kiss at the start is conspirational, promising something coming next, but more in the spirit of an explosion, or a kill, like a kiss from a mob boss, or a kiss off and out of my life.

But, look around, all other life has disappeared. Is this some kind of post-apocalptic reality, or has all else faded from the camera lens perspective except for these two? Are they two left in a world with nothing left, together, but not together at all?

(All that seems left at all is the audience)

This is one of my favorite songs of theirs, especially when played live, because both voices are heard throughout, and in that, both points of view seem to perculate to the surface.

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