All good things are defined by her kiss :: Video of the day

Spectacular Girl :: Eels

Suprisingly upbeat, Spectacular Girl, off of the Tomorrow Morning album, is quite representative of the album as a whole. The video, though, unveils the dark underthings of a upbeat exterior, exposing a seemingly everyday office working woman as what is assumed to be a contract killer. I love the duality of the girl in the video, how spectacular she is, and how genuine – we may not all be office workers, or contract killers, but we all have a darker side, a shadowy self, a layer that not everyone sees.

Tomorrow Morning, in its entirity, feels like a morning after – or perhaps a fresh start morning (first of the year perhaps, or at least the first of something). It feels full of self-reflection, self-resolution, and a bit of optmism that one has come not to expect from E.

I think it has always been there, though, just like the dark side of the girl in the video – we all have a bit of both, don’t we?

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