Sure that star can twinkle :: Song of the day


Keep art alive; art by Sas Christian

No matter what tie she’s got in her right dresser,
I know she’s watching that star.”

First of December, and looking back over things I have written over past first days of December I am noticing a curious coincidence, that I seem to always be sick on this day. This year is no different as I try to push through and ignore a sore throat and achy overall feeling that I know is the grandstand opening band number of what will be my annual winter cold/flu combination. I really would rather it just go away, though, and allow me my first day of December plans.
I will manage to string some twinkle lights today around the house as they are one of my most favorite things. Tiny stars blinking everywhere, I have been known to keep lights strung up all year round, not just because the holidays allow. I am also wanting to share a reminder that today is World Aids Day. I urge everyone to take a moment to remember those who have been lost to the disease, acknowledge the progress we have made in curing the disease, and to avow to be safe out there…sexy safe sex is the best.

Twinkle :: Tori Amos

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