I wish I knew how to break the spell :: Holidays-by-the-day :: Day 1

baby its cold outside

“C’mon baby,
I simply must go – Baby, it’s cold outside
The answer is no – Ooh baby, it’s cold outside.”

‘Tis the season for many the stressful things, rushing around with too many destinations and not enough time, and of course, the never ending lists and temptations to overspend, with not enough money either. All that said, this still is one of my favorite times of year. For a long, long time I kept my love of holiday tunes a best kept secret, listening when I was alone, or at times when it could be excused as “in the spirit” of decorating the house or throwing a holiday party. But, age brings with it the realization that I do not feel guilty over things I love and that I do not much care what others think of my tastes in things, I am and never will be a music elitist, I love what I love, and I must admit that I love holiday songs.

Giving in to the season and the music that surrounds it, I am going to share my favorite holiday songs each day in December. Now, do not worry too much, there will still be all the other daily features that have become a staple here at lyriquediscorde, but for December there will be an added gift of music for those of you, like me, who enjoy a winter wonderland of songs. So, make yourself a cup of cocoa, coffee with Bailey’s or peppermint, or spiked cider, and have a listen to what may be one of your favorite holiday songs, and enjoy, your secret is safe here.

Also, please weigh in on the song choices and share your favorite versions, or other songs, in the comments. Happy December everyone.

The first song on my list, for the first day of December, is my favorite holiday song. And this version, featured in the film Elf, is my favorite take on the holiday classic. I love the playfulness of the song, the implications of what staying inside means, and the musical theater feel the song has. To me, it is a delightful, adult kind of love song, that is not overly “sappy” (though I have been known to enjoy “sappy”, as well). As with the best of holiday songs, it is timeless and capable of interpretation as the different versions can attest to. I love the way Zooey and Leon’s voices work together, and though I love many of the other versions, this one stays with me as my favorite, at least so far.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside :: Zooey Deschanel and Leon Redbone

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