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Lay Lady Lay :: Magnet and Gemma Hayes

I love newly discovered covers, and I love the mixed vocals of male meets female. A well-done duet has always been a favorite of mine, and I have actually had discussions with other musical friends about dream duet pairings.

There is something about the pairing of Even Johansen (Magnet) and Gemma Hayes, on this version of Lay Lady Lay (originally written and sung by Bob Dylan) that reminds me of Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood’s version of Summer Wine (originally written by Hazlewood and sung by Susi Jane Hokum).

Both songs hit on a trailer-park lifestyle (actually visualized in the above video), the slightly dysfunctional (yet desirious) love that stems from that, a humidity – like a late Summer afternoon – that adds to the passion and/or the desperation, and both are great examples of what a well-chosen duet can do to (re)define a song.

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