I need love :: Song of the day

“I need love,
not some sentimental prison.
I need god,
not the political church.
I need fire,
to melt the frozen sea inside me.
I need love.”

In 1994 I’d come to a crossroads in my life, of sorts. Well, one of the handful of “crossroads” I have had, so far. I had a failed marriage behind me, a young daughter, a job at a record store, and no real idea of what I wanted or where I was going with my life.

I had all these trappings of adulthood, yet I felt completely unprepared, and at times both older and younger than my chronological age. My naive optimism was wrestling with a newfound jadedness towards love, but I was still trying to hold on and believe it was possible.

I needed something to believe in, to strive after, to make me feel alive.

I found some of that, lost some of that, found some of that again, lost it again, and hit other
stops and crossroads and starts along the way.

That’s life, though, right?

But, no matter where we are, or how lost we find ourselves sometimes, I do believe we all need love.

I Need Love :: Sam Phillips

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