One of my favorite soundtracks from the 90’s comes from one of my favorite movies from the 90’s, Cruel Intentions, a twist on the French novel, Les Liasons Dangeureuses, told in this version from the lens of the uppercrust, rich teenagers with too many excesses, not enough consequence, and too much time on their hands. This is the story of love and betrayal, of loss and redemption, devotion and revenge, and of what makes someone innocent, and what makes one free.

The film includes one of my top ten favorite music in a non-musical movie moments ever, with the last scene where we see Annette take down Kathryn in a much public, and much deserved fashion. This leads in to the very final look of Annette driving off into an unknown distance, in Sebastian’s convertible, with his journal in the seat beside her, the latter his parting gift of strength and freedom to her. The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony soars as this scene unfolds, as we as the audience soar along with it, cheering on Annette’s sweet revenge, and her final claim at freedom.

I love nearly every song on the soundtrack, and have listened to it often. To me, the soundtrack not only encapsulates the film, but also works as a musical snapshot to the late 90’s.

The last scene

Bittersweet Symphony :: The Verve

Sebastian and Annette, featuring Colorblind :: Counting Crows

Various scenes, featuring Every You, Every Me :: Placebo

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