Painting a portrait all over my heart :: Song of the day

You’re sincerely lost completely.”

This song feels like Summer to me. Summer, full of fun, breezy, poppy, fuzzy and bright sounds, which this song seems to gift .generously. There is optimism in this song, hope, romance, freedom, and a sweet escape that call to mind vacations, first loves, and childhood play.

I want to drive to the beach with the windows rolled down blasting this song all the way there. I want to wear flowy dresses and spin circles around to this song. I want to make out in the backseat at the drive-in to this song, or on the hood of borrowed car on the side of the road, somewhere in the middle of nowhere/anywhere.

I want Summer to last forever when I listen to this, even if we are on the cusp of Wintertime (and I am not even a Summertime girl, at all).

Scissor Runner :: Jenny and Johnny

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