Then hate me so good that you can let me out :: Song of the day

So fuck you, fuck you, fuck you,
and all we’ve been through.
I said leave it, leave it, leave it,
it’s nothing to you.”

The live version here, as well as the Live from Abbey Road version, are my favorites. I completely prefer them to the album version, especially because the live versions feel so much more raw, real and emotional. The song, about letting go and the emotional turmoil of break-ups and loss – especially anger, which is not often touched on in songs of heartbreak – just cuts so deeply live. The pain and confusion and anger, you can hear it in Damien’s voice.

Break-ups, when they are real and they stick (not just the temporary result of a fight or
misunderstanding), are so unique and precarious emotionally. The landscape to them, much like the reaction to loss, are not something anyone can predict or define. We all grieve differently, we all heal at our own pace, and we all find ways to let go and find release on our own.

Is this a forever break-up/letting go song though? Is he saying fuck you because he wants her
gone, or because he wants her to fight back? Does he want to let go of her/the relationship, or of the things that have hurt so he can then forgive? There are moments of confusion lyrically where I am not so sure. But, I suppose that makes this song even more honest and relatable. How often do we doubt our decisions in love, especially when saying goodbye?

Rootless Tree
(live) :: Damien Rice

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