My baby shot me down

Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) :: Nancy Sinatra “Seasons came and changed the time. When I grew up, I called him mine. He would always laugh and say, ‘remember when we used to play?’” A cover that I prefer to the original, and am actually more familiar with than the original, Nancy Sinatra’s version of Cher’s song is one of my all-time favorite songs. During a Summer in my childhood I spent time visiting friends of my family in San Jose. My friend Laura, born two days before I was, had moved away with her family, but we … Continue reading My baby shot me down

Baby, I’m bad news :: Video of the Day

Portions for Foxes :: Rilo Kiley There is something about the color scheme, the lighting, and the visual mood of this video that reminds me of a morgue or funeral home, or at least the televised/television version of how I view such things. Sometimes my favorite television shows, or films, skew the lens of perception on how I see the world. Regardless, it is part of the way I take in things, and with this video here, I am immediately reminded of Six Feet Under, of the Fisher funeral home, and of Nate and Brenda’s relationship. Sometimes the confusing lines … Continue reading Baby, I’m bad news :: Video of the Day

Then hate me so good that you can let me out :: Song of the day

“So fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, and all we’ve been through. I said leave it, leave it, leave it, it’s nothing to you.” The live version here, as well as the Live from Abbey Road version, are my favorites. I completely prefer them to the album version, especially because the live versions feel so much more raw, real and emotional. The song, about letting go and the emotional turmoil of break-ups and loss – especially anger, which is not often touched on in songs of heartbreak – just cuts so deeply live. The pain and confusion and anger, you … Continue reading Then hate me so good that you can let me out :: Song of the day