Here on the ground :: Song of the day

Black dirt will stain your feet,
and when you walk,
you’ll leave black dirt in the street.”

This song has a sadness to it, a feeling of loss, and of giving up. There is that line about the heart no longer beating, yet the song continues – a hint of living post-something lost. Perhaps it is an afterlife haunting the living, the marks that the no longer here leave on the earth, or on us; skid marks and shadows that we may miss as we walk by, but that those with the right emotional
temperment, or the right kind of lonely, cannot miss.

It reminds me of the after shock of a break-up, too. That hollowed out feeling, the wreck that is
left when one’s heart is truly broken. Haunting song, and haunting emotions, I think, permeate this song completely.

Black Dirt :: Sea Wolf

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