On my mind tonight :: Song of the day

The tide that left,
and never came back,
is on my mind tonight.”

Time heals, and even if we don’t forget, we forgive – or I do, or I have, for that matter. Sometimes nostalgia hits and drowns us temporarily in all the looking back. Sometimes it is the people from before that I miss, and at other times it is the girl I was in that past moment I find myself missing, or at least parts of her. I find that lately what I miss most is the unconditional and blind trust I once had in regards to love.

Too much heartbreak and loss takes a part of us, and leaves our hearts never quite completely intact. This song fits that kind of looking back that sometimes feels like longing, sometimes like sadness, and other times is stained with regret.

The Tide That Left and Never Came Back :: The Veils

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