Friday Five :: They ride the roads as they bend

Hit the Ground Running :: Smog
Friday Five

5 Things this song reminds me of:

1. Change, she is always just around the corner and though I tend to be the type who gets plagued with worry and doubt, I do try to remind myself that things always seem to work themselves out in the end. I take deep breaths and remind myself, time and again, that I am ready for nearly anything and that I will ever and always hit the ground running.

2. That I am tired of bitterness and feeling held in a state of limbo. So many of the voices around me on a near daily basis are filled with pessimism and dark clouds – and though I have them myself, I am tired of it. It rots all of who you are, and I am in no mood to go rotten.

3. I love discovering music I did not know about the day before. This morning it was this song that I stumbled upon, and have listened to on repeat for the better part of an hour. Everyday is another chance to fall in love with a new song.

4. If you could leave today and go anywhere at all, where would you go?

5. There are things I would miss if I left the town I live in (for the second time) if/when I ever decide to move on to someplace new. I thought about some of them while driving down Myrtle Avenue this morning. Library park with its Mark Twain statue sitting on the bench with a book, the movie theatre just around the corner where Max saw his first “at the movies” film, and the comic book shop I liked to walk to with a coffee in hand (picked up at the local shop also ’round the corner, though I would not miss that detail, their coffee was always pretty lousy).

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